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Babes Babes Babes cast
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Babes Babes Babes Burlesque & Drag Tour poster

4 beautiful Babes take to the road to tour, tease, titillate and do what they do best: bring you the babe-liest burlesque show around!


This empowering, sexy, and comedic show combines burlesque, drag, pole dancing,  extravagant costumes and, of course, the art of the tease in a raucous naughty show that will leave you wanting more!


In addition to all the sultry teases, the naughty jokes, and the sparkly thongs, the Babes celebrate sexuality, LGBTQ identities, and body confidence with inspiring performances and heartfelt moments.


So grab a ticket, grab a beverage and indulge in this special adults only evening of cabaret entertainment!

BonBon Bombay

World’s #1 Babe

BonBon is a delightfully dark and sexy burlesque dancer, clown and sideshow artists. Celebrated for sense of the sensual and the macabre, she’s just as much at home under the big top as she is seducing you in a speakeasy. She is the Winner of Montreal Burlesque Festival 2009 and Finalist on iUmor and the famed mistress of Toronto Studio Chez BonBon. These days she takes up residence In Montreal, where she teaches at Arabesque Burlesque and performs regularly at the Wiggle Room and other venues and events across La Belle Province.

BonBon Bombay

Wrong Note Rusty

Ruthless Babe

Wrong Note Rusty is an accomplished burlesque artist, pole dancer, and contemporary movement artist. Known for his smouldering looks and his willingness to bare it all onstage, he was once censored on Canada’s Got Talent for giving the judges too much! A mutli-talented artist, Wrong Note Rusty is also the artist behind all of the Babes promo images and likely the one responding when you slide into our DM’s.

Wrong Note Rusty

Ethan - The County Queen

Super Babe

On the shores of Lake Ontario, Ethan rules as the reigning queen of Prince Edward County. The lovechild of Sally Bowles and Alanis Morisette, in a single show Ethan serves up both the most glamourous drag, and the deepest grungiest 90’s nostalgia. She charms audiences with her powerful voice and gleeful renditions of classic show tunes and and engages them with sing-along classic bangers. She is the newest Babe and is excited to DRAG it up from Prince Edward County all the way to Prince Edward Island.

Ethan - The County Queen

James & The Giant Pasty

And The Babe Himself

Putting his best face backward, James captivates audiences with his raunchy stripteases, his heartfelt naked storytelling, his playful jabs at traditional ideas of masculinity, and of course, his world renowned giant…..peach. Internationally acclaimed for his clever stripteases, he is the 2x Winner of “Most Comedic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the Founder of BoylesqueTO (Canada’s Premiere Boylesque Troupe), and the Venue Daddy at the Hayloft Dancehall in Prince Edward County.

James & The Giant Pasty

In mid-2019, Babes Producer James & The Giant Pasty brought together 4 stellar performers who also happened to be enormous BABES in an effort to build a world class touring burlesque show that was both inspiring and entertaining. The original cast consisted of James & The Giant Pasty, Zyra Lee Vanity, BonBon Bombay and Belle Jumelles. They began building a show and had booked an 11 city tour for spring of 2020. Then the pandemic happened and the Babes’ first tour was cancelled.


Not to be deterred, in 2022 they added Wrong Note Rusty to the cast and set out on a 9 city tour, selling out multiple venues across Ontario and Quebec. In 2023 they expanded their tour to include East Coast destinations like Halifax, Charlottetown, and Saint John. Now in their third year on tour and adding a fabulous drag queen to the bill (while sadly saying goodbye temporarily to Zyra and Belle due to other commitments), the Babes are setting out again with their most ambitious tour ever: 19 shows in 15 cities from Ontario to PEI. They hope to expand their tour even further across Canada in years to come and introduce new audiences everywhere to the empowering art of burlesque. 

“FANTASTIC AMAZING HILARIOUS BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINMENT!!! Come back to the island again!! And to a bigger venue! There was so many others that wanted to come! ❤ You all were wonderful! Good luck on the rest of your tour!”

"Glad we were in the "splash zone" 👏 Great show everyone ❤ 🔥 ”

“Thank you for amazing evening we had so much fun you put on an amazing show ❤ 💜 💜 💜 ”

“Just saw you guys at the Imperial and it was FANTASTIC!! My mom amd I were in the splash zone and she made a joke to “Keep it clean for her little boy” who is 26 😂 Made for a good gag 😂 Really hope you all come back!! ♥ ”

“Saw you in Owen Sound! Went as a spare of the moment with a friend who had an extra ticket 🎫 Didn’t know what to expect, could not stop laughing, and clapping what a fantastic show ! I hope you come back to Owen Sound, my Mom now wants to see you guys! ♥ ♥ ”


Belle Jumelles

Voted one of the top 5 Emcees by Imperial Burlesque Canada, Belle is a fierce, fabulous, fat, queer femme who instantly commands the room. She's a talented singer, emcee, burlesque performer, producer and teacher. Her passion for burlesque goes hand in hand with her love for making other people feel empowered about their bodies, and in turn, themselves.

Belle took maternity leave for the 2024 Babes tour with a tiny adopted rescue dog. Temporarily away, but not forgotten, the Babes will undoubtedly miss Belle as their tour mom and hope to have her back in the future.

Mayor of Babetown

Belle Jumelles

Zyra Lee Vanity

Voted top 50 in Burlesque worldwide, Zyra takes elements of Afro Caribbean and hip hop cultures and mixes them with vintage burlesque glamour. She’s also a member of Les Femmes Fatales Women of Colour Burlesque Troupe and the founder of burlesque production company Lee Vanity Productions. This spring, Zyra is touring Europe, which is why she sadly can't join the Babes Tour in 2024. She's asked us to pour out some Hennesy at every tour stop while listening to Drake in her honor.

Mega Babe

Zyra Lee Vanity

Luna Matatas logo

Luna Matatas, sex and pleasure educator teaches 30+ classes and offers one on one sex coaching. Luna loves the sparkly butts of boylesque!

be appeeling logo

Appeeling is a boutique pastie and body jewelry company that started as a result of the founder's battles with breast cancer. Today, Appeeling thrives as a body positivity brand promoting body confidence one tassel at a time.

Marijke Bouchier is an interdisciplinary artist, originally from New Zealand, now based in Toronto, Ontario.  Over the years Marijke has moved fluidly between a variety of mediums, such as performance, video, sound, writing, sculpture, painting, and drawing, but now focuses most notably on painting, illustration, and pattern design.

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